What is the Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places Project?

The Juan, Konek! Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places Project is a government project that aims to provide free broadband Internet access to 1,462 Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 municipalities, and 44 key cities nationwide.

Borne out of the initiative of the Information and Communications Technology Office (ICT Office), an attached agency to the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), the Juan, Konek! Free Wi-Fi Internet Access in Public Places Project’s goal is to make Internet access available for all Filipinos to accelerate economic, social and educational opportunities.

Directly in line with the “Internet For All” thrust identified in the Philippine Digital Strategy 2011-2016, Juan, Konek! aims to close the Digital Divide under the overarching e-Filipino Program of the ICT Office.

Where will the hotspots be located?

Through Juan Konek, Free Public Wi-Fi will be made available in public plazas and parks; public libraries, schools, colleges and universities; rural health units and government hospitals; train stations, airports, and seaports; and, national and local government offices.

How fast will the connection be?

Your maximum allowable download size varies with your level of access, though Internet speed remains constant across access levels and is kept to a maximum of 256kbps. In general, any user will be allowed to download up to 50MB of data daily or, up to 1GB of data monthly. Users with Level 2 and Level 3 access will be permitted to download up to 100MB and 300MB of data daily or, 2GB and 3GB of data monthly.

What devices can we use to connect to the Wi-Fi Internet? Will this be compatible with my device? (Android, Apple, Windows)

Smartphones and mobile devices that have Wi-Fi capability for data can access the Juan Konek Free Wi-Fi service. This also goes for desktops and laptops that have Wi-Fi receivers.

Whenever you connect your Wi-Fi-enabled device to the Free Public Wi-Fi, your device will share what is called a Media Access Control or, MAC address, with the free public Wi-Fi network. This is a unique physical address embedded in your device’s Wi-Fi adapter, and which helps the network remember your device. The Free Wi-Fi Internet Access for Public Places network then limits your network access by remembering your MAC address.

How do I connect to the network?

  1. Open your smartphone’s Wi-Fi (usually found under the “Wireless & networks” part of the phone’s Settings prompt)
  2. Wait until your smartphone picks up the JUANKONEKFREEPUBLICWI-FI Service Set Identifier (SSID)
  4. After a brief moment, the Juan, Konek! Captive Portal will pop onto the smartphone screen. Tap the “ENTER” button
  5. Choose the preferred language (ENGLISH or TAGLISH)
  6. Read the Terms and Conditions Page and select the box next to the phrase, “I Accept, please connect me
  7. Choose what Type of Internet Access you want to use: Instant Access or Registered Access.

    Instant Access
    – provides users with 50mb daily data (and 1gb monthly data)
    Registered Access
    –  provides users with more daily and monthly data. Users will choose between two (2) Types of Registered Access: Level 2 and Level 3.Level 2 Access:
    Users will have to register in order to acquire 100mb of daily data (or 2gb monthly data). Users will have to input the following credentials on the fields listed below:
    First Name
    Last Name
    Government Issued ID Number  (GSIS, Postal, SSS, LTO or Passport)
    Email Address
    Confirm Password

    *IMPORTANT – Level 2 Access will require users to input their EMAIL ADDRESS and any one (1) of the Government Issued ID Numbers presented above.

    Level 3 Access:

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