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Torrential rains and strong winds brought about by Typhoon Tisoy (international name “Kammuri”) devastated many areas in the country, including the City of Calbayog in Samar. Damages have been so severe that the province has been placed under state of calamity since December 4, 2019.

Houses and buildings were damaged, streets flooded, and power lines fallen, hampering efforts of emergency responders in providing needed relief to affected areas. Exchange of information and communication to and from Calbayog City was also limited.
The DICT’s Calbayog Office, as a way of providing ICT relief to those affected, has opened its doors to residents. The said office has offered charging stations and has served as a venue where free Wi-Fi can temporarily be used.
Through these efforts, residents were able to communicate with their loved ones and let them know that they are safe. Real-time updates from various online news outlets can also be accessed, along with more entertaining content to help divert their thoughts from recent events.
Free Wi-Fi for All serves not only as a tool in bridging vital information, but also sentiments of comfort and encouragement – particularly to those who, in times of calamities, need to get in touch with friends and family. Free Wi-Fi for All, then, ensures that reliable Wi-Fi connection is truly available and accessible for all.
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