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January 9, 2020—A sea of devotees, wearing their traditional maroon shirts, once again tread the streets of Manila to celebrate the annual Feast of Black Nazarene.

Millions of devotees participated in this year’s Traslacion to venerate the Black Nazarene. (photo courtesy of Manila Bulletin)

The Black Nazarene procession, known locally as “Traslacion” or the movement of something from one place to another, is a pivotal moment for devotees as they march the streets together to venerate the image of the Black Nazarene.

To ensure the safe conduct of proceedings, mobile signal is blocked in several areas where the route of the procession will pass through. This is being done upon the request of the Philippine National Police (PNP) for “security purposes.”

Inside Quiapo Church, one among three sites provided with free Wi-Fi.

But since communication would still prove to be important in case of any untoward events, the DICT, through its Free Wi-Fi for All Program, has installed temporary free Wi-Fi access points at the Quirino Grandstand, Quiapo Church, and Quinta Market. This is being done so as to facilitate communications among event organizers while network services are not available.

In turn, employees from the Quiapo Church, Quirino Grandstand, Manila Police District (MPD), Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA), along with members of the press, are assured a reliable means of coordination and exchange of information during the course of the Black Nazarene procession through Free Wi-Fi for All.

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