1. First, go to the SETTINGS portion of the smartphone or tablet then look for the Wi-Fi icon.
    b. Select the Juan, Konek! Free Public Wi-Fi on the available networks.
    c. Wait until the Juan, Konek! Welcome Page appears, and select ENTER.
  2. Choose your preferred language
    e. Click on the AGREE button on the TERMS AND CONDITIONS PAGE.
    f. Choose your preferred TYPE OF ACCESS:

INSTANT ACCESS provides 50 MB daily;
REGISTERED ACCESSprovides 100 MB daily

f.1 Choosing INSTANT ACCESS will automatically bring you to the Juan, Konek! Homepage. Click on the GO ONLINE button located on the bottom of the homepage in order to continue browsing.

f.2 For REGISTERED ACCESS, NEW USERS will have to create a new account and fill up the necessary fields on the screen:

  1. Email Address
  2. First Name
  3. Middle Name
  4. Last Name
  5. ID Number and Type of Government-Issued ID
  6. Password
  7. Confirmation of Password

f.2.1 After filling up fields with the correct information, click on REGISTER. The system will send a confirmation email to the registered account, detailing the status of your subscription. You will need to check the registered email and click on the system-generated email in order to activate your account.

f.2.2 Once the confirmation email has been processed, input your EMAIL and PASSWORD on the EXISTING LEVEL 2 USERS fields and choose SIGN-IN. You will be then directed to the Juan, Konek! Homepage.

f.2.3 To continue web-browsing, click on the GO ONLINE button located at the bottom part of the Juan, Konek! Homepage.